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日野 祐希 yuki hino​









第15回 日本演奏家コンクール高校生の部1位

第7回  横浜国際音楽コンクール大学生の部1位


​第28回 日本ドイツ歌曲コンクール奨励賞



​桃華楽堂御前演奏会 出演

東京藝大同声会新人演奏会 出演

​第88回 読売新人演奏会 出演

​第31回 市川市新人演奏家コンクール 最優秀賞




  Ensemble Quodlibet 創設メンバー。


​ 趣味は掃除と読書と宝塚。


photo by. Yoshinobu Fukaya

​YUKI HINO soprano

YUKI HINO was born in TOKYO, JAPAN in 1994. 
 At the age of five, she began the violoncello by Toho Gakuen College Music Department for children education system.     When she was age fifteen, she began singing and changed her major. 
 In 2018, she graduated at the top of her class from Tokyo University of the Arts, studying under Prof. Midori Minawa. Yuki received Norio Ohga award, Toshi Matsuda award, Acanthus award of Music and so on. 
 In 2019, she enrolled in Tokyo University of the Arts at the top, and she is a first year's masters' student at solo-singing course, studying under Prof. Rie Hamada. 
 In 2019, Yuki has received scholarship of Tokuji Munetsugu Fund. She is a scholarship student of 6th oversea trainee of Tokuji Munetsugu Fund. Yuki started to study in France with her scholarship, at Ecole normale Musique de Paris in 6th division DIPLÔME SUPÉRIEUR D'EXÉCUTION now, under Prof.Marie-Therese KELLER from september 2019.


She sings various pieces of music such as the early music, the opera aria, the song, and contemporary music. She studied the early music with Prof. Naoya Otsuka and Prof. Yukari Nonoshita.  Moreover, she is good at solfege, performed for the premiere of the contemporary music.

She appears many concerts. In 2018 she appeared an Imperial concert for Empress Emeritus, 86th Rookie concert of Yomiuri Shimbun. In 2019 she debuted at the opera"Hansel und Gretel"(Gretel). Also she won 1st prize at 7th Yokohama International competition, 28th Deutsche Lied competition in Japan(at young class) and 31st Young artist competition in Ichikawa.

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